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Urban beekeeping is slowly but surely getting more popular in the biggest cities worldwide. For some it is a fashion trend, for some - a way of helping nature, but in Hotel Janne it is the passion and love for this hardworking insect, that allow these bees to happily live on hotel's rooftops from the 2017 in a row.

Bees - basis for worlds biodiversity. They say, that 76% of the production of food for human consumption is directly dependent on these little creatures.

Janne's apiary consists of five hives, that are specifically made in Latgale (a region located in East of Latvia) and all of the hives are located on a rooftop (on average, one hive can have between 60,000 and 120,000 bees), wooden hollow, polystyrene and other sample hives.

In Agenskalns, where Hotel Janne is located, linden trees are the most common source of nectar for the bees - linden honey is light, slightly bitter and menthol-flavored.

Riga Rooftop Honey - tastiest in Latvia!


In July 2018, at the Latvian Beekeepers' Summit, the honey collected in the rooftops of Hotel Janne won the prestigious first place in a competition "The most delicious honey in Latvia". The winner was nominated among 73 candidates - the samples submitted were tasted by beekeepers' and a professional jury. Read more here.

Everyone is welcomed to see the "Riga Rooftop Honey" bee hives. In Hotel Janne reception you can taste and buy "Riga Rooftop Honey" and other bee products.


Go to Hotel Janne to meet the bees and taste the honey!


To collect nectar, bees fly up to a radius of 5 km from the apiary. The nearest delicacies of our bees are located right in the courtyard of the hotel - in the warm months of the year there is a garden where you can find everything imaginable: from strawberries and peppermint to potatoes and tomatoes.

Garden in the backyard of Hotel Janne is cherished from the 2018, creating joy and interest for the visitors - even in the middle of a big city you can create something green!

Visit our garden and see our harvest!

2023-Tumšais medus Diploms

In July 2023, at the Latvian Beekeepers' Summit, the honey collected by beekeeper Valdis Janovs won the prestigious first place in the competition "The most delicious honey in Latvia" in nomination "Dark honey".

Others have noticed our activities and care for the bees:

Tasty honey is produced in the city as well / Diena

In May the World Bee day was celebrated. Beekeeping traditions in Latvia are maintained at both professional and amateur level. Interestingly, not only in the countryside. Last year the most delicious Latvian honey was collected by bees in the capital of Latvia, living on the roofs of Hotel Janne in Pardaugava.

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Hot weather encourages bee swarming / Panorama

The air literally buzzes and a bee cloud suddenly explodes from the hive! Heat encourages bees to swarm. Moreover, in the very center of Riga. These days, beekeepers have gone to collect a number of swarms of bees that have settled in public places.

Watch here

Hotelier 's daily life / LTV News Service "Aculiecinieks"

Valdis Janovs opened the hotel 5 years ago. Everything went smoothly until the Covid-19 pandemic slowed everything down. The hobby of an urban beekeeper helps in this difficult times.


Latvia’s got personality: Urban beekeeper Valdis Janovs / Latvian Institute

Come the spring, and Latvians head en masse to their country homes for fresh air and birdsong. But one enterprising hotelier is creating natural delights in the heart of Riga. 

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Introduction to the Urban beekeeping "Riga Rooftop Honey" apiary

Urban beekeeping in Riga on the Āgenskalns roofs with the title of sample apiary. In the sample apiary there is an exposition with various hives with which beekeepers apiary in Latvia. 

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Beekeeping / RIGATV24 "Būtu zinājis"

Why it is modern to keep bees in urban areas? The Urban beekeeper believes that it is the preserving the connection of nature and the continuity of the cycle also in bustling Riga

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PĒDAS. What leaves behind you? / TV3 Latvia

The fact that bees are very important for many processes in nature and for plants to be pollinated is a long-known fact, but today more and more bees are also appearing in cities. Vai zināji, ka uz Rīgas māju jumtiem dzīvo bites? Uzzini, kāpēc tas vajadzīgs, sarunā ar urbāno biškopi Valdi Janovu.


Urban Beekeeping in Riga / RUS LSM

Who is buzzing on your roof? Come visit an extraordinary apiary on Āgenskalns rooftop.

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Does bees like to live in the city surrounded by technology - myths or truth? / LA.LV

Today, there are still myths that beekeeping is better suited to rural environments, but not to urban environments. Moreover, this is not the only myth, there are many different ones...

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Urban beekeeping in Riga is developing / LR

Beekeeper Valdis Janovs has an apiary on a hotel's rooftop in Agenskalns. Hives are full of life and activity, as bees are flying to a big linden alley near by  Janovs is one of the beekeepers, who goes to collect bee swarms, if they appear in the city. Thanks to the hot weather, Valdis has collected a few swarms from the Old Town of Riga.

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Beekeeping is developing on Riga rooftops / LNT

Urban beekeeping has become increasingly trendy in recent years. Bees are gradually starting to settle on the roofs of Riga, the honey collected in the city is of high quality and has even won local awards in Latvia.

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Urban Beekeeping in Riga / TV3 "Cilvēkstāsti Latvijai"

Everything is blooming and bees are humming!
The Riga Roof Honey apiary is operating in full swing.
The owner of the hotel and the urban beekeeper Valdis Janovs tells us more about it.


World Bee Day 2021 / TV3 News "900 sekundes"

Bee Day was introduced to draw attention to the important role of bees and the declining number of bees in the world. An urban beekeeper Valdis Janovs, who has beehives in Pārdaugava visited TV3 broadcast “900 sekundes” in honor of this day.


Actor Reinis Boters visits bees in Riga / EHR Zaļā Zona "Piedzīvojums"

Did you know that the cleanest honey in Latvia is made in the center of Āgenskalns? The advices given by the grandfather beekeeper was remembered by the actor of the theater troupe "KVADRIFRONS" Reinis Boters, who went to visit beekeeper Valdis Janovs to find out how bees are doing in Riga!

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Rigas Urban Beekeeper's Story from Baltics / Настоящее Время

One of the main life principles - Do only what you really like! Following this principle, the hobby becomes a way of life.

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The soul craves countryside peace / Magazine "Biškopis"

Valdis is a man of nature, he creates nature and the natural all around him. His small boutique-style hotel has a special charm and aura that is conjured and maintained by the owner himself. It is a quiet and peaceful place in the middle of the city bustle, with a wonderful small garden in the courtyard, bees buzzing in the huge trees and a cat beaming with self-satisfaction on the steps of the hotel's patio.

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How good is effusion honey? / Lasi.lv e-magazine "Dārzs Daba"

Effusion honey is very valuable for humans. It's delicious and full of minerals and other benefits. The only drawback is that it is not suitable for winter food for bees, explains beekeeper Valdis Janovs from Riga.

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